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Studio A Body Therapy and Studio A Somatic Consulting are owned and operated by Allie Whitney, Licensed Massage Therapist and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. At her studio in Brownsburg, in the west suburbs of Indianapolis, Indiana, she sees individual clients as well as leads group programs for those who experience chronic pain that does not go away with traditional massage or other standard first-line therapies. Studio A’s specialty is in utilizing body-based approaches to bring clients’ awareness to unresolved difficult events or experiences they have been through that are potentially causing their prolonged body symptoms, and working with the nervous system to help the client’s body return to a felt sense of safety, thereby decreasing the brain’s alarm system that can so often result in ongoing pain.

In an area where somatically-oriented trauma therapy is hard to find, Studio A stands as a local resource for all things somatic. Allie works with local mental health clinicians and serves as a consultant to other bodyworkers on how to work in a trauma-informed way. She spends significant time working to build a movement in Indiana of trauma-informed and somatically-oriented approaches.

Allie writes here about bodywork and body-based approaches to healing, nervous system health, the effects of stress as well as the effects of play on the body, the value of connection and rest, and all things related to trauma healing. She also shares announcements and new offerings available at Studio A here. All free from the algorithms of social media, delivered straight to your inbox, from her own journey of healing.

You can learn more at www.studioAbody.com and can also find her on Facebook at @StudioABodyTherapy and Instagram at @studio.A.body.therapy

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I am owner of Studio A Body Therapy on Indy's west side, where I am a bodyworker, somatic trauma practitioner, and a trauma consultant for other local bodyworkers. I am working to build a trauma-informed movement in Indiana and beyond.